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Products at Barkingham Palace, Hampshire

We have carefully selected products that promote healthy skin and coats in only the most natural way.  At Barkingham Palace, Hampshire, we use an organic range of shampoo’s, conditioners, treatments and cleansers that are 100% sulphate free and do not contain nasty chemicals. In addition, we use a range of well known dog grooming equipment ensuring your dogs comfort at all times. 

Barkingham Palace Dog Grooming Products

For All Dogkind

A soothing range of dog grooming products enriched with essential oils and natural extracts to keep your dog healthy. Whatever your dog’s coat type we can match the right product to your dog. From shampoo’s and conditioners, cleansers and even odour-busters, For All Dogkind is gentle on the dogs skin and promotes a healthy look.

NAGAYU Dog Grooming System


Hot Springs enriched with CO2 have long been thought to aid healthy skin in humans. Nagayu brings this concept into every day living, not just for people but for dogs too. This CO2 supplement enhances the recovery of problem skin areas, helps eliminate odour issues and promotes a silky looking dog coat. A scientific approach to deep cleansing and moisturising for your pooch!

Heiniger Dod Grooming Equipment


Developed in Switzerland, Heiniger equipment offers world class design and manufacturing technology for dog groomers. These safe, low noise clippers aid precision hair cutting ensuring only the best finish for your dog.

Wahl Dod Grooming Equipment


A high end manufacturer of dog clippers, brushes, grinders and coat care equipment. At Barkingham Palace we positively love the precision range of dog grooming accessories designed with your dogs comfort in mind.